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Is Alcohol Consumption a complete no-no after Bariatric Surgery?

Is Alcohol Consumption a complete no-no after Bariatric Procedure?

Let us understand the composition of alcohol before answering whether alcohol consumption is okay or not okay after a bariatric procedure. Let us put it straight. Alcohol has no nutritional value. It is basically a type of sugar and hence has more calories. Approximately 1 gm of alcohol gives 7 kcal (1 gm of carbohydrates has 4 kcal). Since the calories are arising out of non-nutritious food, it is called empty calories.

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10 Questions to Ask Your Bariatric Surgeon Before Weight Loss Surgery

The decision to undergo a bariatric surgery is not an easier one. You took this decision probably after repeated deliberations. You probably had lengthy discussions with your bariatric surgeon. The patients should ask multiple yet related questions on the surgical procedure. They should also ask questions pertaining to aftercare before they opt for surgery. We thought of 10 questions that would be helpful for patients who are considering any type of weight loss surgery. The patients can put across these questions to their bariatric surgeon. These questions can make them understand the procedure better.

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Why Binge Eating Is Rampant Among Obese

Binge Eating is referred as Binge Eating Disorder or BED in medical term. Uncontrolled eating leads to obesity. If it proceeds to severe obesity or morbid obesity, then bariatric surgery is the only option out. Obesity and binge eating are interrelated. Let us examine how they influence each other.

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Alcohol Inhibits or Slows Down Gastric Ulcer Healing – Know More

While it is true that alcohol can cause irritation to our stomach lining if consumed, the prolonged consumption in itself can cause Gastric ulcer. It has also emerged that alcohol does not stop there; it also interferes with the healing process of an already formed ulcer. Let us see how.

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Why Processed Food Needs to be Avoided

Food processing involves some mechanical processing like grinding them into a powder or a paste form or any other consistency and we do not mean that. If such processes are accompanied with chemicals being freely used with any intentions of either preserving or flavoring or enhancing or any whatever reasons, we absolutely mean that they are processed. Also processed food can also mean the unnatural form of the food where the food is stripped of its natural nutrients and presented in a different nutrient capacity which may principally harm the body and not do much good.

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Inflammatory Bowel Disease – Explained in Simple Terms

In simple terms, Inflammatory Bowel Disease or IBD, as popularly known is inflammation of the colon and small intestine. Crohn’s disease and Ulcerative colitis are the two conditions that are classified as IBD. In effect the IBD can be either of the two conditions. IBD condition is said to occur when the body’s own immune system begins to act against the elements of our digestive system.

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Dr Maran who regularly does weight loss surgery in Chennai tell us why the obese are unable to exercise continuously

Why Most Obese Individuals Have Trouble Continuing Exercise Regimen

Many gymnasiums run on obese people wanting to reduce their weight. But more often than not the drop out ratio among obese people who have joined the gym is very high. Though there is no available data, the number can be pegged safely at upwards of 70%. That raises a fundamental question, why do most obese people drop out? Is weight loss surgery in Chennai or other cities the only option?

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