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Complications of Abdominal Wall Hernia

Hernia correction surgery is one of the common surgeries performed these days. They happen by thousands every year throughout India. Despite this many do not perform Hernia surgery due to reasons like fearing a surgery, postponing the surgery for many reasons like financial shortage, poor diagnosis (happens mostly in rare hernia cases), etc. However it may be noted that not getting your Hernia treated surgically can lead to other complications which are sometimes life threatening too.

  1. Incarceration – This is the first thing that can happen if a part of the intestine gets trapped in the hernia of the abdominal wall. The contents of the intestine cannot pass through the normal course of the intestine and can lead to severe bowel obstruction. Vomiting, nausea and severe pain can be felt. Gas cannot be passed and it is extremely uncomfortable.
  2. Strangulation – Incarceration proceeds to Strangulation. The incarcerated intestine gets tangled and the bowel in the region swells. The swelled area inhibits the passage of intestine contents and as a result severe vomiting and pain may occur. This swelling leads to a cut off in the blood supply and as a result gangrene can develop.

It is said that strangulation can develop in as less than 6 hours after incarceration. Gangrene can lead to nasty medical emergencies. The intestinal tissues in the strangulated area become dead and as a result many toxins begin to be released into the blood stream through the very digestive system. This has the potential to develop into septicemia (septic condition) and can lead to death if not attended to as a medical emergency.

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