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Who is a Gastro Intestinal Endo Surgeon?

A surgeon who performs both open and Advanced Laparoscopic Surgeries in gastrointestinal tracts which include the organs like stomach, liver, pancreas, the small and large intestine are referred to as Gasto Intestinal Endo Surgeons.

Getting an appointment with Dr Maran?

Simply call us over phone at + (91) 9952002927, talk to our staff at Springfield Wellness Centre and get your appointment time slot fixed. Kindly arrive 5-10 minutes earlier so that you do not miss your appointment.

What do I need to bring?

If you are reporting any fresh medical problems with no history, then you need not bring anything. Otherwise, documents of your previous medical or surgical history, relevant Scan/MRI/Blood reports and earlier medical prescriptions should be helpful.

What should I wear to my appointment?

Any comfortable clothing of your choice should be fine for the initial appointment. If the consultation might involve any physical examination, a simple clothing is indeed preferred.

How many visits will I need?

The number of treatments might vary depending on the problem and individual. There might be follow-up visits too depending on your medical condition. After a thorough assessment, Dr Maran will discuss his comprehensive treatment plan for you.

Do I have to be referred by another doctor?

Not really. You can fix the appointment directly with Dr Maran. Sometimes a general physician might refer you to us if he / she suspects that you might need surgical treatments of certain ailments.

It is very commonly referred with a term called acidity. But ulcer is beyond that. It is the laceration or minor break or lesions to the wall of the stomach. Because ulcer can happen to any part of the body, the one that happens inside the stomach needs to be specifically referred as “Stomach Ulcer”. Find more about Ulcer here.

Having fat in the liver is pretty normal. But if there is an unusual buildup of fat then it may lead to a condition called fatty liver. Normally the liver heals itself by producing new liver cells and replacing the damaged liver cells. The most common reason of why a fatty liver occurs is because of heavy drinking. There is no surgical method to cure fatty liver. Changed eating habits, avoiding alcoholic drinks, regular exercises are some of the ways in which the fatty liver issue can be cured. Find more about Fatty Liver here.

A poor diet or body weight or some genetic factors can cause stone to accumulate in the gall bladder. These stones are made of cholesterol and are referred as cholesterol stones or simply gallstones. When these stones are formed in the gall bladder there is a sudden, acute and a rapidly advancing pain in the upper right portion of the abdomen. However the presence of the same can be confirmed with a CT scan result.

The gallstones are removed simply by removing the entire gall bladder through a laparoscopic surgery. Check more details on Gallstone Removal Surgery here.

An unusual swelling of the appendix (a worm shaped small organ found somewhere in the juncture between the large and small intestine) because of accumulation of hardened feces and other materials inside it. The resultant condition is called Appendicitis and a laparoscopic surgery is performed to remove the entire appendix. Check more about Appendicitis here.

Yes, both are same. It is commonly called hemorrhoids in the Americas. It refers to the swollen blood vessels around the anal and rectum region. Often there is bleeding near the anal region and there is pain during the bowel movements or when passing stools. Piles can be both internal and external depending on which vein is experiencing the condition. The most common is the external hemorrhoids where the pile condition protrudes outside while passing stools. This is accompanied by pain. Normally it subsides but in extreme conditions they persist and this protrusion can be removed by surgical methods.

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