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Dr. M Maran who regularly does gallbladder surgery explains how gallstones are formed, the types of gallstones.

How Gallstones are Formed?

We saw that gallstones are not really stones in real sense but rather a solid or pieces of solid that may form inside the gallbladder during the process of concentration. This concentrated bile has to be periodically emptied by the gallbladder to remain healthy. But sometimes this does not happen due to many reasons. So in other words, if the bile becomes over concentrated and is not drained properly, the gallstones are formed which necessitates gallbladder surgery. Let us get a little deeper to understand this better.

We know that there are three types of gallstones, the cholesterol stones, the pigment stones and the mixed stones.

The Three Types of Gallstones

Cholesterol stone of the gallbladder is a direct result of the excess cholesterol in the bile than the required quantity. This excess cholesterol does not drain out of the gallbladder and can solidify further and further only to remain inside the gallbladder to cause the gallstone.

Similarly sometimes when there are some blood disorders, the liver produces more bilirubin This excess bilirubin gets stored in the gallbladder and over an above a certain limit, the gallbladder is unable to process this excess bilirubin which then gets converted to pigment stones.

Presence of both the above condition can result in the presence of both the type of gallstones in the gallbladder and that is why it is called as Mixed stones.

Risk Factors for Getting Gallstones

There are many risk factors that contribute to the gallstones. They are

  • The biggest risk group is women because of the estrogen hormone
  • Sometimes blame it on your gene
  • Being obese definitely poses a greater risk
  • Eating more fatty and oily food that is rich in cholesterol
  • Rapid weight loss
  • FFFF Factor– if you are a Female, Forty Years, Fatty, and Flatulent you may run a higher chance

Solution for Gallstone Formation – Gallbladder Surgery

The only solution for gallstones that has formed inside the gallbladder is gallbladder surgery where the gallbladder is removed completely. It is a known fact that humans can survive without gallbladders perfectly.

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