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Does Hernia re-occur?

Can Hernia re-occur? Yes is the answer. When Hernia occurs for the second time after a surgery, it is medically termed as Recurrent Hernia or Hernia Recurrence. So what causes Recurrent Hernia? There are a host of reasons that can cause Hernia to recur. Let us explore.

Hernia Recurrence Causes – General Reasons

  • If you are a smoker, the chances of Hernia recurrence is high.
  • If you are suffering from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), or having chronic cough where you strain more, the chances of hernia recurrence is very high.
  • If you are obese and unable to control your weight.
  • Doing strenuous activity too early after the first hernia repair surgery.
  • Carrying and lifting weights without following proper technique can lead to hernia recurrence.
  • Use of steroids

In most of the above cases, the hernia mesh that has been placed is severely strained and hence the hernia mesh may move out of its intended position. So Hernia recurrence occurs. It is worth mentioning that even the best quality hernia mesh can slip from its original position for the above reasons which are not faults of the surgeon or the surgical procedures.

Hernia Recurrence Causes –Reasons from Surgery Itself

  • Not using a mesh for repairing hernia in the first attempt – In most cases surgeons evaluate the hernia before deciding to use mesh. Since nowadays mesh are mostly used, this reason does not contribute anymore.
  • Hernia meshes not enough to cover the breach – Sometimes the mesh placed may not be large enough to cover the breach. But the advancement in CT and scanning procedures has indeed minimized this scenario.
  • Hernia meshes not getting fixed solidly – Sometimes this can happen if hernia meshes are not of good quality. That is the reason good and experienced surgeons do not compromise on the quality of the hernia mesh used.
  • Rejection of Hernia Mesh – Since Hernia mesh is a foreign body anyways, sometimes the body reacts. This is not often as the advancement in medical science has ensured this to be minimized.
  • Infection in the early days of Surgery – If the mesh gets infected or the surgical wound gets infected for various reasons like diabetes or the surgery itself is done as an emergency procedure for obstructed hernia, there is every chance of infection.

Conclusion – Hernia Recurrence is not uncommon. It can happen due to any of the above reasons. When hernia has recurred we need to keep in mind that hernia repair is indeed challenging and the chances of multiple recurrences are also high. So if the surgeon insists that he would use only quality hernia mesh, you need to be rest assured that your surgeon is doing his best for your hernia repair. To avoid or to minimize the recurrence get the hernia surgery done in the early stage itself and follow the surgeons advice strictly.

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