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Dr Maran, the top bariatric surgeon in Chennai, explains the diet before undergoing Gastric Bypass, a bariatric Surgery.

Diet Before Undergoing Gastric Bypass, a Bariatric Surgery

Gastric bypass is a form of bariatric surgery for weight reduction. Your bariatric surgeon recommends a pre-surgical diet regimen if you decide to undergo the surgery. You would have heard about the surgeons advising to eat lean or skip your meal few hours before other surgeries. Well, it is a different story when it comes to any form of bariatric surgeries.

Why pre-surgical or pre-op diet for Gastric Bypass type of Bariatric Surgery?

  • Since the entire talk and action is about reducing the food intake, a pre-surgical diet becomes essential. This gives a signal to the body that things are going to come in reduced quantity. This approach immensely reduces the risks after the bariatric surgery.
  • Not only that, the pre-surgical diet or the pre-op diet makes the laparoscopic bariatric procedure more effective. This pre-op diet makes the flogging liver firmer. It also makes the slippery fat found in the visceral region to shrink. These two prevent unnecessary bleeding during the surgery and hence the effectiveness of the surgery.
  • The diet helps bring the co-morbid condition under control before the surgery.
  • All these above factors contributed to reducing the recovery time after the surgery.

The primary aim of the pre-op diet is to reduce the weight and to give proper hydration to the body. This helps in making the liver firmer and reducing the visceral fat.

When to start Pre-Op Diet for Gastric Bypass Surgery, a form of bariatric surgery?

The patient should undergo a pre-op diet at least 2 weeks before the actual surgery date. This is recommended by the bariatric surgeon. So it is like prepping your body for the surgery.

The Actual Pre-Op Diet for Gastric Bypass Surgery

  • Water – Helps to maintain the fluid content of the body.
  • Diluted juices of fruits and vegetables – this provides you with essential minerals, salts and vitamins and energy
  • Soups – Soups made of mashed chicken can provide necessary protein and essential fat to the body.
  • Protein Shake – Your bariatric surgeon recommends the best protein shake. Protein shakes are necessary to supply the body with the essential protein needs. This is required for weight loss.
  • Milk – Milk not only gives protein but also supplies the essential fat to the body.
  • Calcium and Multivitamin Tablets – Your bariatric surgeon recommends the necessary calcium and vitamin supplements. He recommends based on the requirement of your body.

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