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What is Body Mass Index – BMI?

BMI stands for Body Mass Index – BMI. As the term indicates, the weight of the individual forms part of the calculation. The other parameter is the height of the person. The international standard of measurement is followed for both the parameters. They are Kg for expressing the weight (mass) and meters for calculating the height respectively.

Calculation of Body Mass Index – BMI

Simply divide the mass by the square of height

BMI = kg/m2

The value so obtained is compared to the range in the chart. BMI attempts to classify people into different categories based on the value. Here is the chart

You may observe that an individual having a BMI of over 40 is termed as “Very severely obese”. Very severe obesity is also termed morbid obesity.

BMI Calculator


Purpose of BMI

The BMI value obtained allows us to know the status of our body weight vis-a-vis the health. The higher the BMI, the more the chances of co-morbid conditions.

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