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What is an Incisional Hernia?

When the abdominal contents like intestine, fat, or other tissues protrude through a hole in the scarred abdominal wall caused by any previous surgery, it is referred as incisional hernia. The surgical scar of the previous abdominal surgery tears to cause this condition. Patient normally refer this as suture has loosened.

General Symptoms

A bulge or lump in the abdomen nearer to the suture marks of the previous abdominal surgery.
Pain around the bulge or the protrusion

General Causes

When the incision has not healed properly in the inner side incision hernia can manifest.
If the person who has undergone the surgery did not take rest and did some heavy physical activity that caused the suture to give way internally causing problems in healing. Generally, the incision hernia happens within three to four months of any abdominal surgery where the wound has not healed properly. Sometimes it can manifest at a later stage also.

Factors that can Aggravate

Not taking recommended rest after any abdominal surgery
Lifting heavy weights after any abdominal surgery against the surgeon’s advice
Getting pregnant immediately after an abdominal surgery
Not controlling body weight

General Complications

Subsequent strangulation

Diagnosis Methods

A normal physical examination near the scar of the previous surgery is enough to conclude the presence of an incisional hernia.
If the surgeon suspects for the presence of any complications, then abdominal ultrasound, and blood tests are ordered.

Surgical Treatment for an Incisional Type

The only treatment for an incisional type is surgery. It is often said that repeated incisional surgeries are a challenge and very experienced and specialized surgeons only can do an incisional hernia repair.
Whether Laparoscopic surgery technique or open surgery method suits the incisional hernia type is a decision the surgeon takes based on the site and size of a hernia, and co-morbid condition of the patient.
The principle is to close the abdominal hernia breach properly and hence mesh is employed to close the wound.
Then the surgeon proceeds to close the hole in the abdominal wall by suturing.
If any complications like incarceration or strangulation are reported in the diagnosis, then the surgeon clears that first and then repairs the incisional breach.

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