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About Dr Maran

At Springfield Wellness Centre, Dr Maran diligently recognizes the value of every individual. We are therefore constantly guided by our qualified criterion of providing overall wellness to the patients. We also ensure to give peace of mind to the next of kin over and above the traditional cure.

Dr Maran, as a result, stands by his mission of providing overall wellness to the patients over and above the traditional cure. He therefore truly believes in the philosophy of not just treating the disease in a patient but helping them out to go beyond and seek wellness.

Dr Maran chose Gastroenterology as his choice and the Bariatric procedures under this medical faculty as a passion. Consequently, he was the first to start any advanced procedure in laparoscopy and bariatric surgeries in Chennai.

Higher Medical Education

In addition, Dr Maran undertook the following higher studies to reach here. They are
Fellowship in Advanced Laparoscopy trained in Zurich University, Switzerland.
Fellowship in Bariatric surgery trained at Minnesota University, United States.
Fellowship in Gastrointestinal endo surgeries in India.

Dr Maran M is the lead surgeon at Springfield Wellness Centre, the place for gastroenterology treatment in Chennai.

The Many Firsts of Dr Maran

He was the first in the Asia-Pacific to perform Bariatric procedure on a patient with a very high BMI
He also performed the first Single Incision Laparoscopic Surgery for Partial Gastrectomy (removal of stomach) along with a Hysterectomy (removal of the uterus) and right Adrenalectomy (removal of adrenal glands in case a tumour in the adrenal glands) through a transperitoneal (passing through the peritoneal region) approach in the Asia-Pacific.
He was especially the first in India to perform single-port right adrenalectomy.
He also has performed single port bariatric with hysterectomy and hernia repair on a single patient as a first in India.

Achievements of Dr Maran

Dr Maran also has the following achievements which add a feather to his cap.

First of all, he presented papers in International Laparoscopic conference.
He has been a chairperson for IFSO in Bariatric Workshop.
While he was serving at MIOT Hospitals, Dr Maran was instrumental in conducting a first exclusive international conference on bariatric surgery in India called WOW (War Over Weight).
He has regularly conducted CME (Continuous Medical Education) program for youngsters which is a noteworthy achievement. He has therefore truly demonstrated his passion for teaching young medical professionals.
As a result, he has trained more than 50 young surgeons in advanced laparoscopy and bariatric surgeries.

Consequently, Dr Maran has firmed up his belief that all patients require a personal, careful attention and listening to. Therefore, his philosophy of providing with an overall feeling of wellness to the patients stands out markedly. Hence his experience has clearly helped in shaping his pursuit and endeavour.

Dr Maran's blog has all his relevant surgical experiences documented. The most noteworthy experiences as a gastro and bariatric surgeon can be read in his separate blog website here.