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Gastric Bypass with Roux-en-Y - A Weight Loss Surgery

This type of Weight Loss Surgery is generally termed as Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass (as there are other types of gastric bypass surgeries too) or simply Gastric Bypass. This surgery involves reducing the size of the stomach. Followed by creating a bypass route from the reduced stomach to the small intestine. This surgery type is, without doubt, the gold standard in all the weight loss surgery types available.

How is this surgery performed?

Surgical Procedure in Gastric Bypass with Roux-en-Y

This process generally involves dividing the stomach into a smaller upper portion and the larger lower portion using laparoscopic methods. The small upper portion that connects to the food pipe at one end undergoes reconstruction with a portion of the small intestine to the other end and staples to the small intestine bypassing the distal part of the stomach and a considerable length of the proximal intestine. In simpler terms, this surgery involves bypassing the lower part of the stomach and early part of the small intestine. Hence the name Gastric “Bypass”.

How is weight loss achieved in Gastric Bypass with Roux-en-Y

This surgery uses both restrictive and mal-absorption methods to achieve weight loss. The reduced stomach and the reduced small intestine play a vital role. The reduction in the capacity of the stomach and the small intestine greatly reduces food consumption. This aids in weight loss. So the principles of restriction apply here. Since the distal part of the stomach and the considerable length of the small intestine are reduced, the actual digestion and absorption of the food take place in the distal part of the small intestine. This greatly reduces nutrient absorption of the body. Hence mal-absorption of nutrients also takes place. For the body to get essential vitamins, it can be managed by daily intake of multivitamins. Hence, the surgical procedure is a combination of both, restriction and malabsorption. An estimate of average weight loss achieved by this surgery is close to 65-80%.


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