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10 Questions to Ask Your Bariatric Surgeon Before Weight Loss Surgery

The decision to undergo a bariatric surgery is not an easier one. You took this decision probably after repeated deliberations. You probably had lengthy discussions with your bariatric surgeon. The patients should ask multiple yet related questions on the surgical procedure. They should also ask questions pertaining to aftercare before they opt for surgery. We thought of 10 questions that would be helpful for patients who are considering any type of weight loss surgery. The patients can put across these questions to their bariatric surgeon. These questions can make them understand the procedure better.

You can ask these questions to your Bariatric Surgeon before undergoing any Weight Loss Surgical Procedure

  1. Why would you recommend the surgery for me? Have I crossed a certain body weight that you are recommending a weight loss surgery?
  2. How many types of bariatric surgeries are present? Which type of surgery are you recommending me? Why would it suit me?
  3. Tell me about the mortality rate. What are the risks involved during and after the bariatric procedure? Similarly, what are the complications that can happen during and after the bariatric procedure?
  4. What is the weight I shall reduce on an average after the surgery? Tell me the realistic weight loss goal after the surgery? How many months or years will it typically take to achieve the weight loss goal?
  5. What will be my diet immediately after the surgery? Is there a diet plan? Should I follow any strict diet plan for the rest of my life after the surgery?
  6. Is there any food supplements like vitamins and other minerals that I should take regularly after the surgery?
  7. How many days I will be hospitalized? What is the frequency of visit I should make after the surgery is successfully completed?
  8. How fast can I resume my normal activities after the surgery? Should I avoid any activities for life after the surgery?
  9. Can I work out in the gym or perform any other outdoor exercises like cardiovascular exercises after my surgery? If yes, when can I start working out, after the surgery?
  10. Will my abdomen have a scar after the surgery? The skin around the lower abdomen, therefore, can loosen after weight loss. How can I consequently tighten them?
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