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Why cancer risk has increased many times?

We increasingly hear the instances of people known to us getting cancer. Despite all the advancements in medical science, we still cannot comprehend the fact that the cancer rate is increasing among us. The report released by ICMR has confirmed that there is a sharp increase in cancer rates in India. It predicts that by 2025, there will be a 12% increase in cancer cases. So why have cancer risks increased multifold?

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The Connection between Junk Food and Cancer

Most of us who relishes junk food are mostly aware of the health hazards they bring with them. Yet we have no guilt having them though we are aware of the health risk they pose. We are aware they pose such risks like heart diseases, obesity, certain metabolic diseases, etc. What we hardly understand is the increased risk of many types of cancers.

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More about Colon Cancer

Colon cancer or more specifically colorectal cancer often starts as a small nodule and they usually do not show any symptoms or signs. Though they are detectable by colonoscopy, the procedure itself is not done most of the time unless cancer manifests and the patient has long begun to show symptoms. Let us know more about colon cancer and how to detect it.

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What is Cancer? – Let us understand Cancer!

Cancer is perceived as a dreadful disease. Are there reasons to fear cancer? Both Yes and No are the answers to this simple yet complex question. A thorough understanding of what is cancer and how it manifests is required to answer questions on cancer. Let us dig in.

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