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Foods to be avoided for long term after weight loss surgical procedure

After a lot of thinking and much deliberations, a severely obese decides to get a weight loss surgery. The decision usually comes after a lot of considerations and many failed attempts in trying to fight obesity. After enduring the ordeal of being severely obese and the stigma associated with it, the patients who have successfully undergone weight loss surgery have to maintain their weight loss spree. They need to follow certainly do’s and don’ts in their diet to keep the momentum. Here are some foods that need to be avoided for life by patients who have undergone any weight loss surgical procedure, particularly gastric bypass and sleeve gastrectomy.

Definitive List of foods to be avoided after weight loss surgical procedure

Food rich in starch/carb

Many foods are rich in plain carbs like white bread, rice, and pasta. This is because of two reasons. First, they are not packed with nutrition that they do justice to your health. Second, they have to be swallowed with water which anyways makes the small stomach full immediately. Additionally, they also have a risk of blocking the stoma. A stoma is the small opening that is surgically made to the new small stomach.

Sugary and Caffeine-filled Beverages

Colas is a complete no-no. Any beverage that is high in sugar or corn syrup (fructose) should be avoided outright. They expand the small stomach over a period of time, provide more empty calories and can defeat your weight loss goal.

Deep-fried Food

Fries, poori, vadai, and such foods that have been deep-fried in oil have to be completely avoided for life.


People who have undergone the surgery have low alcohol tolerance. This means, they can become intoxicated fast and they remain intoxicated for long periods. The body takes an unusually long time to metabolize the alcohol ingested and hence they need to be completely avoided.


Popcorn expands in the stomach after consuming. This can cause dumping syndrome and the body is unable to bear it. Nausea and a feeling of discomfort follow and hence needs to be avoided.

Raw Vegetables

They are a bit hard on your fragile digestive system. Hence boil the vegetables before eating them. Boiled or baked vegetables are lighter to your stomach.

Fruits with skin

Do not consume fruits with skins like apple, pears, etc. Such fruits can be consumed after peeling their skin and then boiling them so that they are softer and are more palatable.

Tough Red Meat

Red meat generally is tough to chew and is hard on your digestive system. So the chances that you might skip chewing the hard red meat is higher. Choose lean meat, minced chicken, fish and other kinds of seafood for your protein needs. The softer the meat the better it is for your digestive system.

Food with complex fibre

Some high-fiber food like celery, cabbage, broccoli, etc., can be a bit tough on your digestive system. It also fills your stomach faster. So exercise moderation when you consume food rich in fibre.

General Advice of Dr Maran on diet after the surgery

Dr Maran generally advises not to drink water before and after the meals for at least half an hour. Because they might fill your small stomach pouch and can cause dumping syndrome. He generally advices his patients who have undergone gastric bypass or sleeve gastrectomy to try new foods one at a time in small quantities. The patients can check how their digestive system is accepting the food. If there is acceptance, then they can include them in the diet albeit in smaller portions.

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