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7 Best Summer Beverages

Summer heat is back. Something that is ice cold is what is preferred by our sense to beat the heat. But is it fine to have something ice cold for summer? Well we might want to take that up later but let us restrict to something that is not ice cold but something that does enormous good for your body.

  • Buttermilk – This drink has a special place in traditional South Indian homes. A glass of buttermilk served on a mud pot is amorous. If the buttermilk is garnished with a dash of ginger, crushed mint leaves and curry leaves, they leave a good taste. Buttermilk soothes the stomach and the best part is it has nil carbohydrate.
  • Water Melon – Come summer, the first fruit that comes to everyone’s mind is a water melon. This type of melon has more water content and hence the preference over other melons. Rather than juicing the melon, consume it as it is for maximum benefits.
  • Tender Coconut – An absolute delight indeed. The tender coconut water is packed with electrolytes, potassium and other minerals. The vital minerals and electrolytes lost because of increased perspiration can be replaced by the consumption of tender coconut.
  • Cucumber – The cool effect cucumber has on your body is pretty known. Finely chop them and add them to the salads or consume them as it is by slicing them into thin circular pieces.
  • Lemon Juice with a dash of mint – Oh! The drink tingles your taste buds. Prepare fresh lemon juice and crush mint leaves into it and blend it. Replace sugar with palm sugar or palm candy or honey for increased benefits. The twin benefits are palm products and honey have lesser calories than white sugar and they are natural coolants.
  • Lassi – A drink that is very Punjabi. The only botheration should be the sweetness of the lassi which carries more calories. Serve chilled for a refreshing drink.
  • Mixed Fruit Juice or Shake – Add whatever fruits you get this summer and blend them well. You may add milk to get a mixed fruit shake. Serve chilled and enjoy.

Whatever might be! Simple water is as effective as any other fancy beverages. Now that we have seen what beverages are better in summer, what about the foods that we can have in summer? Let us see them in our next post.

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