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Peptic Ulcer in Children

Yes, you heard it right. Peptic Ulcer can happen to children too. Peptic ulcer is the breakage of the lining of the stomach. We all know quite well that the major cause of Peptic or any other form of ulcer is the presence of H. pylori bacteria and other factors can cause and aggravate ulcer.

Risk Factors contributing to Peptic Ulcer in Children

  • Addiction to junk food, more importantly colas, chips and packaged food which has more preservatives.
  • Being awake late in the night and getting up late in the morning with inadequate sleep, leading to skipping of breakfast.
  • Academics and peer pressure leading to undue stress.
  • Childhood obesity can be a reason.
  • Prevalence of Peptic Ulcer in the family can be a reason. Remember the H. pylori bacteria that causes ulcer can spread among the family members and this is one of the reason.
  • Increased prevalence of the incidents of smoking and consumption of alcohol among teen age children.

Prevention of Peptic Ulcer in children

  • Timely food
  • Consumption of less of junk food – Making them understand the ill-effects of colas and asking them to avoid is effective.
  • Good habits like washing hands thoroughly before and after having meals.
  • Keeping a tab on the children if they are not indulging in smoking or drinking.

Keeping the weight of the children under control.

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