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Why Processed Food Needs to be Avoided

Food processing involves some mechanical processing like grinding them into a powder or a paste form or any other consistency and we do not mean that. If such processes are accompanied with chemicals being freely used with any intentions of either preserving or flavoring or enhancing or any whatever reasons, we absolutely mean that they are processed. Also processed food can also mean the unnatural form of the food where the food is stripped of its natural nutrients and presented in a different nutrient capacity which may principally harm the body and not do much good.

Now let us see the reasons why we should avoid such processed foods.

  • High sugar content in them. Sugar as we all know is empty calorie with no known benefits.
  • Processed food may be very high in artificial ingredients which are often carcinogenic and inimical to the general health
  • They tempt us into overeating and hence can give more work to our digestive system.
  • Most processed food are high in refined carbohydrates which does no good to the body. Their digestion can cause inflammation to the liver and more fat is deposited as adipose causing obesity as a result.
  • Processed foods are also high in trans-fat as they are mainly prepared using hydrogenated vegetable oils. Higher trans-fat does no good to the functioning of the heart and may cause severe heart conditions.
  • Preservatives can cause allergic reactions.

Simply any food that is packaged is a processed food and it is best to avoid them. If you cannot avoid processed food, but those packages with shorter expiry dates.

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