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4 ways how high blood sugar can affect your eyes and vision?

With 62 million diabetic people, India is the diabetic capital of the world, housing nearly 15% of the total diabetic population of the world (422 Million). Diabetes is a compilation of metabolic disorders characterized by high blood sugar levels, frequent urination, increased hunger, and thirst. If left untreated, diabetes can lead to several other complications. Some of the most common long term complications of diabetes are cardiovascular diseases, stroke, kidney diseases, gangrene, and peripheral vascular disease. But did you know that high blood sugar levels can lead to blindness? Here are some of the conditions that may result due to the presence of uncontrolled diabetes.

How does Diabetes affect your eyes and your vision and cause blindness?

Diabetic Retinopathy due to Diabetes

A retina is a group of cells that are present at the back of your eye that takes in light and turns it into images and sends it to the brain via the optic nerve. Diabetic retinopathy is a condition where high blood sugar levels can damage the blood vessels to the retina. If the person has high blood sugar and is not controlling the same, it damages the retinal blood vessels leading to leakage of blood. This causes a permanent loss of vision or blindness.

Blurred vision due to High Blood Sugar

When you notice your vision to be blurry and if you are aged chances are you may be diabetic. Blurry vision can sometimes be caused by high blood sugar. When you have uncontrolled blood sugar levels, the natural lens in your eye can get swollen up thereby causing you to have blurry vision. Keeping your blood glucose levels at bay for at least 3 months could get your vision back to normal.

Diabetes can cause Cataract

A cataract is a condition where the lens in our eyes gets clouded and our vision gets compromised. The symptoms of cataract can vary from faded colors, blurry or doubled vision, poor visibility at night, etc. Generally, cataract is a disease that people get as they grow old. But people with diabetes are more likely to get cataract faster than others.

Glaucoma because of Diabetes

Glaucoma is another eye disease that people with diabetes are more likely to get than other people. When Glaucoma happens the fluid drainage from eyes is hindered. This can cause fluid buildup in the eyes and this can cause increased pressure build-up in your eye. This pressure can damage the optic nerve and the blood vessels and may cause damage to your vision completely also. If it is left unchecked it can result in permanent damage to vision causing total blindness. They say diabetes and glaucoma run in the family. So watch out for it.

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