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How does your body become obese?

The popular perception of how the body accumulates fat and one becomes obese, is consuming fat in the form of deep fried items, cheese and other dairy items, eggs (we often blame the yellow yolk), red meat and nuts. This popular notion is partially, if not completely wrong.

Often we calculate the calorie intake and relate that to deposition of unburned calories as fat in the body. That is far from truth. The mechanism of how body deposits fat is not by any means a simple mathematical calculation of how many calories are burned.

The biggest culprit is the sugar we intake. Sugar essentially not only includes the white sugar we add on to coffee, tea and other beverages, it also includes many forms of carbohydrates. The more the carb is refined, the more the danger. The sweeter the carb is, even more the danger is. It works like this.

Moment your stomach is filled with such junky carb load, the body begins to digest them. The more the carb, refined and sugary, the blood absorbs the entire broken down glucose. The more glucose in the blood, the more is the secretion of the hormone called “Insulin”. Insulin speeds up the process of intake of glucose into the cells. This glucose is stored as fuel in the form of glycogen and triaglycerols, a worst form of fat. So the first culprit is the sugar you consume and the hormone insulin that is produced as a result that regulates the storage of fat instead of expending it.

Imagine if you go all out eating all refined carb and along with that consuming sugary beverages day in and day out. That is a sure recipe for disaster in the form of obesity. This is how your body becomes obese.

PS: Once teaspoon of sugar is equivalent to one km of walking.

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