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Lap band or gastric sleeve or gastric bypass

What is safer the lap band or gastric sleeve surgery or Gastric bypass?

Among the many procedures in bariatric surgery, one is confused which one to choose from. Whether to undertake Gastric Sleeve or Gastric Bypass, or to settle for Lap band surgical procedure. The bariatric surgeon definitely explains the pros and cons of all the three types. Let us examine which is safer and is a better bet.

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Why your refrigerator is important?

Obesity and the items present in your refrigerator are closely linked. You may be perplexed by this statement and wonder why! Usually the refrigerator at your home is packed with food of your choice. These foods when served to your body, reacts specific to how it is destined to react. Something good to your body does good and something bad for your health harms your health and shows up in your body.

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How does your body become obese?

The popular perception of how the body accumulates fat and one becomes obese, is consuming fat in the form of deep fried items, cheese and other dairy items, eggs (we often blame the yellow yolk), red meat and nuts. This popular notion is partially, if not completely wrong.

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