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Lap band or gastric sleeve or gastric bypass

What is safer the lap band or gastric sleeve surgery or Gastric bypass?

Among the many procedures in bariatric surgery, one is confused which one to choose from. Whether to undertake Gastric Sleeve or Gastric Bypass, or to settle for Lap band surgical procedure. The bariatric surgeon definitely explains the pros and cons of all the three types. Let us examine which is safer and is a better bet.

  1. Lap Band surgical procedure and Gastric Bypass are reversible but Gastric sleeve is a non-reversible surgical procedure.
  2. In Lap Band, the procedure has such risks like bleeding, band infection sometimes and Slippage of the lap band. Sometimes gastric acid reflex is also reported where as the risks involved in gastric sleeve is staple separation. Gastric acid reflex is rarely reported. The risks in Gastric Bypass is the same, staple separation and dumping syndrome which will cure in due course after you get used to the food type that the body is accepting. This procedure involves more follow up with your bariatric surgeon than the other two procedures but undoubtedly gives the best result than the other two.
  3. The complications arising from Lap Band stays with you till the band is inside your body. That means the band can get infected or slippage can happen any time and that is what we mean by long term complications. Whereas in the other two procedures, the complications arise earlier which are generally resolved with the help of your bariatric surgeon. But once the complications are resolved, there are no further complications in the future.
  4. Lap Band is found to give higher long term complication than the other two procedures. Gastric Sleeve and Gastric bypass have higher short term complications which are generally resolved and taken precautions with constant monitoring of your bariatric surgeon.
  5. Among the three types, Gastric bypass can give the best weight loss.

Risk can be involved in any procedures. Every surgeon strives to complete the surgery with minimal risks. Though technically Lap band has fewer risks than Gastric Bypass, everything depends on how well our body will adjust to the change and how well we adapt to a changed life style. Getting a Lap band or undergoing a Gastric Sleeve or Gastric Bypass is not a ticket to consume anything and everything we like. Since the results are more pronounced in Gastric Bypass, it is worth the risk you take for the results it shows.

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