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How Smoking and Drinking Causes Stomach Ulcer

We all have a doubt if smoking and drinking alcohol have the potential to cause stomach ulcer. Yes, they both have. First and foremost, it is common knowledge that people, who smoke, consume alcohol and people who consume alcohol, do smoke. People who are exception to this rule are indeed present and our point is, even if you are habituated to any one of these, you run an increased risk of getting stomach ulcer.

Nicotine in tobacco has been found to induce more acid production in the stomach which causes stomach ulcer. Alcohol is found to irritate the mucous lining of the stomach and contributes to erosion of this protective lining.  This in turn induces the stomach to produce more stomach acid which comes in contact with the unprotected stomach lining, only to cause stomach ulcer.

Nicotine and alcohol also have a rather indirect way of causing ulcer. They induce H.Pylori to multiply, (bacteria that are known to induce ulcer) beyond a point and in that process cause stomach ulcer.

Also for those affected with stomach ulcer, nicotine from smoking and alcohol do not allow the healing of ulcer to take place. They interfere with the healing process. For any healing to happen, new cell generation has to happen in the affected place. The smoke from the cigarette is found to suppress the new cell formations thereby interfering in the healing process. So actually smoking is neutralizing the effect of medication to ulcer.

Is there a way out of this? Yes, there is a way out. It is in the interest of your general health, you quit smoking and alcohol. After all health is wealth.

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