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Is having no treatment an option for Hernia?

The occurrence of Hernia is one of the common medical condition and in today’s modern medicine surgical treatment can bring instant relief. Generally, most gastro surgeons advise us to get the hernia treated by Hernia repair surgeries. But is it an option not to treat the Hernia at all? Let us explore in-depth.

Get the facts about your Hernia right

The hernia in every individual will be different in intensity. This is because hernia is all about an opening in the muscle wall that is holding other internal organs. So a hernia can be small or medium-sized or big. In effect, there is no treatment mechanism that can heal the hernia opening. It is more like a tear on a shirt that needs to be stitched. Surgical repair of a hernia is the one and only option available for treating the hernia.

If your Hernia is small there is every chance that it might become bigger. If your hernia is medium in size there is a possibility that the internal organs (mostly a part of the small intestine) can get obstructed in the hernia. If your hernia is big the protrusion will be very big and it may be accompanied by pain.

Check the options and analyze with your Gastro Surgeon

If your hernia is keeping you from performing your daily chores and interferes with your routine then you should have to undergo immediate surgery. If it does not bother you and you do not have any pain, your surgeon might give an option of wait and watch.

Ask if your hernia is showing any signs of getting obstructed. The surgeon anyways would let you know from his or her experience that the hernia might get obstructed and may lead to possible strangulation. If this is the scenario then the surgeon would ask you to undergo surgery without any further delay.

If you have insurance options currently it makes sense to undergo surgery immediately even when you have a wait and watch option. Otherwise, if money is a criterion you may want to get yourself covered with insurance immediately. If you buy medical insurance after knowing you have hernia then declare it as pre-existing ailments. The option now is to wait for a certain number of years after you have taken the policy. Hernia as a pre-existing ailment might be covered in your policy only after certain years. But check with your surgeon if you can wait and watch your hernia for that many numbers of years. If the surgeon is of the opinion that the waiting period stipulated by the insurance company is too long then you can undergo surgery for your hernia immediately.

If you are going to abroad or any other parts of the country where you doubt the medical infrastructures available then also it makes sense for you to get your surgery done immediately as it is not worth to wait and watch.


A hernia will not go on its own. Surgery is the only option left before you. Hence take your surgeon into confidence while you decide about when to get the surgery. So having no treatment is not at all an option for a hernia. You can at best postpone the surgery. A Hernia surgeon would generally advise getting your surgery as early as possible even if it is not causing any symptoms.

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