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diet for ectomorphic and mesomorphic

Prescribed diet for gaining weight between Ectomorphic and mesomorphic

Very rarely you find a person who has a pure ectomorphic (thin build, generally tall, skinny and bony) body or a pure mesomorphic (with medium build and medium muscle) body. Same goes true for Endomorphic (stocky and well built) bodies too. Your body generally shows traits of everything. But you can be generically classified into a combo of any two body type based on the two predominant traits you may show. Being Ecto-mesomorphic is one such combo.

What is the prescribed diet for gaining weight for a person whose body type is between Ectomorphic and Mesomorphic?

A person who is a mix of both ectomorphic and mesomorphic body type is in a way challenging to do bodybuilding. Since this body type is part ectomorph, building muscle is a slight problem for them. They need to train a bit more to get that extra muscle and more importantly retain it. Their training regimen has to be less of high-intensity because they anyways have an active metabolism and so typically a high-intensity training that depletes calories mush faster is not required. They can concentrate more on weight training using moderate weights initially and slowly switching over to heavier weights.

Generally the lower weight and the skinny appearance of ectomorphic and Ecto-mesomorphic children make their mothers a worried lot. So they pamper their child with butter, sweets and other foods in a desperate attempt. What such mothers should know is, growing children are often skinny and that is perfectly fine.

Diet Plan

Since gaining muscle will be a bit more of a challenge as they have ectomorphic features too, their food has to be more skewed towards having more protein. This protein can help in building muscles. The higher metabolism is going to result in some amount of muscle atrophy and that can be stopped by loading the body with protein. However based on how you want to look, you can have two different diet plans as shown below.

If your goal is to put up with a lean muscle outlook

Carbohydrates – 250 gm/day

Proteins – 300 gm/day

Fat – Keep it under 80 gm/day

If your goal is to put up with a bulkier outlook

Carbohydrates – 300 gm/day

Proteins – 200 gm/day

Fat – Around 90 gm/day

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