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repair your dna through diet

Is it possible to repair your DNA through diet?

DNA is our blue print, a program that contains all vital information and instructions that actually expedites the process of biological growth, biological repair, for the functioning of our vital organs, fighting pathogens that intrudes our biological system and fighting other non-pathogenic diseases. Damage to DNA speeds up the process of aging and with it comes susceptibility to all kind of infections and diseases.

How is DNA damaged?

The most important factor that ends up damaging DNA is the food we consume. The more processed and refined our food is, the more damage to DNA. But how is that? Refined and processed food simply does not give any work to the body and our DNA makeup is not evolved to support this kind of food in a positive way. They are easily broken down to sugar, spikes the insulin level in our body and produce inflammation to the body causing us to age quickly and gain weight invariably leading to obesity. Further the production cycle of food has various chemicals like pesticides, fertilizers etc, that does another level of damage to our DNA.

How DNA is repaired?

The solution also lies in the food we eat. Say no to processed food. Take more of complex carbohydrates present in millets and other healthy cereals; take a balanced diet with the right amount of protein, and good fat. Have food that are extremely nutritious and have adequate essential vitamins and minerals, drink more of green tea and water. In a nutshell, your body is evolved to the food our immediate ancestors consumed. This food that suits the regions climatic conditions also evolved alongside your ancestors. This is the fundamental idea behind DNA diet that is emerging now. So if you are an Indian, traditional Indian food suits your body better.

On the whole consume a nutrient-dense food that slows down the digestion process and gives perfect nutrition to your body. Prolonged consumption of such good food repairs the damaged DNA automatically.

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