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Can I fast and pray after sleeve gastrectomy surgery

After Having a Sleeve Gastrectomy can I undergo my religious fasts?

Many religious texts say that religious rituals are to be conducted when you are hale and healthy and your body is under normal health conditions. Fasting is for individuals whose body can tolerate going without food for couple of hours. You have just undergone the gastric sleeve and you are just returning to your normal health. Would you want to risk your health and the success of the surgery at this crucial juncture?

So what are the potential risks that your body can be out to while you fast after undergoing gastric sleeve? Let us discuss them here.

  • The greatest risk is the risk of dehydration. If your fasting hard by not taking fluids too, you risk dehydrating yourself.
  • Poor nutrient intake can result because of fasting. The post-op care mandates that certain nutrients be made available to you in a certain interval after the surgery. Fasting can upset that balance and you may run the risk of not getting enough vital nutrients to the body.
  • Upset medication schedule – Medicines require that you have food before taking them. Fasting can upset the medication schedule and the body might suffer as a result of poor medication or unplanned medication.

The general advice is, you need not take risk on your health by undergoing fasting after having a gastric sleeve. You can recoup well after the surgery and may assume your religious fasting once your bariatric surgeon certifies that you are fit. The general recommendation is after a year of undergoing gastric sleeve under the supervision of your bariatric surgeon.

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