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Stop Hating Yourself

My doctor said that I am overweight and may be moderately obese in few months as my BMI was hovering between 29 and 30. I asked him if bariatric surgery was an option as I have been overweight for quite some time in my life. It has been years since I have seen my pant zipper line looking down straight. I have given up my hope on reducing the tummy. He said that since I do not show any co-morbid conditions, I do not qualify for a bariatric surgery. I hated myself when I was told that changing my lifestyle was the only option to get rid of that tummy. I hated myself more.

The above words are reflective of anyone who is desperate to reduce their weight and bring it back to normal. There are loads of people who have been trying desperately to reduce their weight but have constantly failed. And they hate themselves more. There is a common thread that runs between them. They have repeatedly failed because they were just not CONSISTENT in their efforts and they did not love themselves.

Cycles of efforts

Many efforts to reduce weight have given no fruits. People analyse the foods they take, the kind of workout regimen they would carry on. Everything is planned in the head. They get happily executed for a maximum of three months as they squeeze their body and mind to get moderate results. The moment they start feeling happy, a dark cloud passes once again and they begin to take a break from the positive routine. Gradually the regimen stops and craving for junk food begins. A phase of giving up begins and they hate themselves more.

Analysis Paralysis

Analysis is helpful indeed but sometimes we analyse too much that it can lead to paralysis of thought. We analyse the past of where we went wrong and why we stopped eating right or why we stopped working out. We rightly point to the facts only to see that we have been consistent in stopping our goals but not in achieving it. We do not stop there. We condemn ourselves, talk about the repeated failures in our head, and hate ourselves more for the cycle of failures.

There is nothing positive in this cycle. So sometimes it is better not to analyse things deep. Just wishfully side line them and begin to do things consistently. THAT IS IT.

Consistency is the key

Wishfully do things consistently. Stop hating yourself for your failures of the past and begin loving yourself. You are what you are as your goal is to finish off that tummy and lead a healthy life. Be consistent, love yourself and do it every day.

How obese women should cope-up?

Being obese in it carries a lot of psychological consequences. If you are a woman and are obese it adds to the psychological burden. Read our blog here on the experience of Dr. Maran, a bariatric surgeon interacting with cross section of women who were obese and were looking for surgical cure.

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