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5 Things to remember after a Fissure Surgery

Anal fissures are small tears or cuts in the mucosal lining, a thin and delicate lining, of the anus. Passing hard or large stools are one of the main reasons for anal fissures. The resulting tear or cut in the mucosal lining can expose the muscle around the anus known as the anal sphincter. This can cause muscle spasms which can further pull the edges of the fissure.

Most people with anal fissures do not require any extensive treatment unless they do not respond well with the treatments. In such cases, the surgeon might recommend an anal sphincterotomy. In this procedure, a small incision in the anal sphincter is made for the muscles to relax and allow the anal fissure to heal. Here are 5 tips you need to remember after a Sphincterotomy.

Will my wound be dressed after surgery?

Usually, 24 hours after the surgery the dressing is removed. So literally you may not require any new dressing. The dressing under normal circumstances can be removed by you by just gently peel it away. Otherwise, you need to wait for the surgeon’s instructions or intervention. It is quite normal to have some amount of bleeding after removing the dressing. So do not panic on seeing blood. If the bleeding has not stopped, contact your surgeon immediately. If you are with the surgeon while removing the dressing, no need to worry.

Is it normal to have bleeding after fissure surgery?

It is absolutely normal to have mild bleeding to some extent after the surgery. You may notice bleeding especially while passing stools. The bleeding will reduce and stop after a while. No extra dressing is required for such benign bleeding.

Will I have any pain after the fissure surgery?

Like all surgeries, you may experience just discomfort after the procedure and not much pain. The pain if it exists will be mild and will persist for a few days before it starts to subside. Most doctors now prescribe painkillers for a few days till the pain subsides. Doctors will also prescribe you some laxatives to ease the process of passing stools. But sitz bath is the best-recommended solution for the pain to subsidize.

How to keep the surgical wound clean?

Keeping the wound site clean and hygienic is important to ward off any infections. Gentle bathing your wound in warm water is recommended. Do not use soap, or any other perfumed products in the water until your wound has completely healed to prevent any irritation. After passing stools, wash the area thoroughly and pat it dry. Alcohol-free wet tissues are recommended to wipe the wound region to keep them clean.

When can I resume my daily activities?

This is a variant factor that differs depending upon the activity level of different jobs. The general rule is to avoid any physically straining. Activities like weight lifting, exercise, running during the first week are not recommended. Take care to slowly and gradually build your activity level over a few days.

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