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7 precautions to take if you have abdominal hernia

7 Precautions to take if you have Abdominal Hernia

In simple terms, Abdominal Hernias are protrusions of either intestine or fatty mass outside the abdominal wall breaching the thin muscle that holds them. If you have been diagnosed with any one of the six common Abdominal Hernias, namely, Inguinal, Femoral, Umbilical, Epigastric, Hiatal and Incisional Hernias, you need to keep in mind the following precautions.

The 7 Precautions to follow if you have an Abdominal Hernia

Never lift heavy weights

The lifting of weights increases the pressure you apply to the abdominal area and this only makes the already weakened muscle to further weaken and increase the Hernia. So more protrusion is dangerous. By saying the lifting of weight, we not only mean weight lifting at your gym, but we also mean such common weight lifting daily chores like lifting a bucket filled with water or clothes, lifting children, lifting LPG cylinders, manual labor that involves lifting of any type of weights, etc.

A general tip to lifting weight is to not bend forward while picking an object which may be heavy or light. Rather going down gently, and bearing the weight on the legs while you lift them is the recommended way.

The Other 6 Precautions to follow if you have Abdominal Hernia

Avoid Bending

Avoid bending, squatting, and generally sitting on the floor should you have Hernia. Generally, it is best to avoid Indian toilets, as they involve squatting.

Watch out for Constipation

Try and avoid foods that are sure to give constipation. Prefer food rich in fiber. Setting up a squatting position in your western toilet will go a long way in checking your constipation. Generally, if you are constipated, it is recommended to take warm water or medications like laxatives to ease the bowel movements.

Watch out for Phimosis or Prostrate

If you have a condition called Phimosis where you struggle to urinate, you need to watch out. If you are old and have the prostrate condition, you may have to be extra careful if you have Hernia. Generally, it is recommended that you treat your Prostrate condition before treating Hernia.

Watch Out for Asthma, Wheezing or Sneezing

If you are asthmatic you need to watch out for your wheezing. If you are also allergic to dust, you need to be extra cautious as sneezing too can exert pressure on your abdominal walls which can aggravate your Hernia.

Watch your weight

More one becomes obese, more is the pressure to the abdominal wall. Hence moderately exercise to keep your weight under control. Since weight lifting has to be avoided, you can indulge in such exercises like swimming and some form of aerobic exercises. The excess fat in the abdominal cavity acts as a screwdriver on the hernia wall and only weakens it more. It has to be borne in mind that this fat also hinders suturing and laying the mesh during hernia surgery.

Avoid Smoking & Alcohol

Smoking has the potential to trigger a chronic cough which can put maximum pressure on the abdominal region. Hence it is always better to avoid smoking altogether. Same goes to alcohol. It may make you more vulnerable and the vulnerability can increase the Hernia.

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