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Can rapid weight loss cause gall stones?

Now #paleo diet has gained momentum like never before. In the paleo diet, fat is an important component and it may be noted that carbohydrate is either not present in the diet or is extremely negligent. Since the basis on which the fat storage works are fundamentally absent or it is put to rest by consuming a high-fat diet, the rapid weight loss is achieved. How are then rapid weight loss and gall stone formation related? Here are the facts.

General Research Fact on Rapid Weight Loss

Many researchers have pointed to the fact that rapidly losing your weight to the tune of over 1.5 kg a week can trigger gallstone formation. One possibility is the fact that the already present gallstone could be triggered because of rapid weight loss.

Logically speaking, when the fat content is high in the food, there is no rest for the bile secretion cycle. So the concentrated bile present in the gallbladder is utilized fully and there can be no gallstone. But this is not exactly how it may work for all. As said, our body mechanism is still a mystery and the above of bile utilization logic may not be true in all the cases.

High-Risk Groups for Gallstones

It has been definitely found out that if a person starts paleo or any other weight loss diet, and flip-flops quite often without sustaining it, the risk percentage of developing gallstones for such people is extremely high. It can safely be assumed that people who have lost weight and are maintaining it, have lesser risk than people who do not adhere to any diet plan properly. So it becomes imperative to question yourself if you would be able to maintain the diet under any circumstances. One common complaint in a #paleo diet is, it is a high-cost diet and so many people drop out. Also, the same diet begins to bore and people tend to eat differently.

One more risk group is women. Many data, points to the fact that obese women are more likely to develop gallstones than men. Hence women who are undergoing weight loss dieting have to watch out for their gallbladder health. That said, it does not give any risk-free assessment for obese men. As a general thumb rule, obese people are more prone to develop gallstones than non-obese healthy individuals.

Since many types of research linking rapid weight loss and gallstone are present, it is prudent to keep a watch on your gallbladder health when you are on any form of diet and exercise regime. Should you develop gallstones due to rapid weight loss it is safe to undergo Gallbladder Removal Surgery in Chennai with Dr Maran.

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