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After Gallbladder removal can you still be on Paleo diet?

Gallbladder, a small pouch present below the liver stores bile in a concentrated form to release it when there is a large amount of fatty food in the stomach. So gallbladder literally has more work to do when there is high amount of fatty food in the diet. Paleo diet typically is high in dietary fat and proteins, and is very low or near nil in carbohydrates depending on the level of paleo diet you are in. Since bile secretion is necessary for fat digestion, people who have undergone gallbladder removal surgery are often left confused if they can undergo their diet. Let us explore.

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பித்தப்பையின் வேலை என்ன? அதில் எப்படி கல் உருவாகிறது?

பித்தப்பை என்பது சிறிய பை மாதிரியான ஒரு உறுப்பு என்பதும், அது ஈரலுக்கு கீழே அமைந்துள்ளது என்பதும் நம் எல்லோருக்கும் தெரிந்தது தான். அந்த உறுப்பின் பயன் தான் என்ன? அதில் ஏன் கல் உருவாகிறது? வாருங்கள் அலசுவோம்.

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Dr. M. Maran about gallbladder cancer. He says gallbladder cancer is usually diagnosed during a gall bladder surgery.

Cancer in Gallbladder – An Introduction

Gallbladder cancer is a very rare condition that is not diagnosed usually. Symptoms do occur which are not watched out. Sometimes the symptoms appear early but sometimes it does not. The motive of this blog is to raise awareness about gallbladder cancer. So people can look out for any symptoms associated with the cancer.

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Can rapid weight loss cause gall stones?

Now #paleo diet has gained momentum like never before. In paleo diet, fat is an important component and it may be noted that carbohydrate is either not present in the diet or is extremely negligent. Since the basis on which the fat storage works is fundamentally absent or it is put to rest by consuming high fat diet, the rapid weight loss is achieved. How is then rapid weight loss and gall stone formation related? Here are the facts.

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Dr Maran M, explains 6 gallbladder diseases other than gallstone such as Gallbladder Cancer, Gallbladder Polyp etc.

6 Other Ailments that Affect the Gallbladder

We should be pretty aware how gallstones are formed and the threat Gallstones produce for the Gallbladder. But not just the Gallstones, the Gallbladder can also be affected by other medical conditions. Some of these gallbladder diseases are really serious requiring emergency assistance. Some can be treated and some are unfortunately fatal. Here are some of the gallbladder diseases other than the gallstones.

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Dr Maran M, a leading gastro surgeon in Chennai, India, explains the difference between gallstones and kidney stones.

6 Differences Between Kidney Stones and Gallstones

Many have confusion about Gallstones and Kidney stones. As a matter of fact there are so many people out there who think both are same. When they simply refer that their diagnosis has confirmed the presence of stone, they immediately confuse both. The occurrence of Kidney stones is more known than the Gallstones. In other words, the awareness about the occurrence of stones in gallbladder is relatively low compared to Kidney stones. Let us see the differences.

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