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tonsilitis and appendicitis comparison by Dr Maran M

A Comparison of Tonsillitis and Appendicitis

The very mention of comparing Tonsillitis and Appendicitis might make you wonder what can be the connection between the two. This is because Tonsillitis happens in the inner throat region and Appendicitis happens in the inner lower abdomen. Then what makes both comparable? Here is an interesting comparison between the two.

  • Both the condition happens in places where lymphoid tissues are present. Lymphoid tissues are part of the lymphatic system where the system is said to be part of the circulatory system whose primary role is in making up the immune system of the body. They carry fluid called lymph which is said to contain lymphocytes. The lymphoid tissues are concentrated in the lymph nodes. Tonsils, Appendix, Spleen, are some of the organs that are known to possess lymphoid tissues.
  • It is now a well-known fact that appendix is a place where the good bacteria are stored and they play a role in controlling the bad bacteria, a rather sub function of the immune system. This brings to the fact that both in tonsils and appendix, foreign bacteria are present that are being controlled by the lymphatic system. So it can be concluded safely that in both ow and appendicitis, the infection has gone slightly out of control and is presenting itself.
  • Both Tonsillitis and Appendicitis manifests in relatively younger age.
  • The symptoms of both the medical issues follow a similar pattern. In both cases, fever in happens.
  • In both conditions, white cell counts will increase because of the infection. In both the condition if the infection is mild, they respond to antibiotic treatment.
  • If they are out-of-hand, surgery is the only option. Tonsillitis is a common day-care surgery and Appendicitis is treated with simple yet advanced laparoscopic surgery techniques.

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