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Do you have weight loss after gallbladder removal?

Surgical removal of gallbladder also called Cholecystectomy is a common surgical procedure performed when gallbladder has gallstones in them. If the gallstones have started giving ongoing episodes of pain and has furthered to cause inflammation which can proceed to become infection, Cholecystectomy is recommended immediately. Weight loss after gallbladder removal is common. Like any other surgery there will be minimal weight loss and this will be temporary only. What to do if there is such a weight loss?

Why is there a weight loss after Cholecystectomy?

Diarrhea – Most people who undergo Cholecystectomy have a bout of diarrhea which is quite normal. The condition improves after a few weeks. This can cause weight loss.

Food Consumed – Generally, your surgeon would advice you not to eat foods that have high fat content. Also the food recommended to be taken will be bland and hence will not trigger a liking for food. One more factor is your surgeon will ask you to take food in small portions in more intervals. All these factors on food can trigger weight loss.

Pain and Discomfort during Recovery – During the recovery period after surgery since you are feeling the pain and discomfort as the surgical wound heals, there is every chance that you might not have great appetite for food. Since the calorie of food taken is reduced significantly there is every chance of weight loss happening.

Scenario – 1 – An overweight or obese person experiencing weight loss after Cholecystectomy

Any weight loss experienced by an overweight or obese person is only temporary and hence the individual should take steps to retain the weight loss experienced. For this, such steps like taking food in small portions and taking balanced food needs to be retained even after full recovery. The individual should take steps to do some moderate exercises. But it is imperative to ask your surgeon before you start your workout regimen.

Scenario – 2 – A person with optimal / normal weight experiencing weight loss after Cholecystectomy

The weight lost for few weeks after Cholecystectomy can be easily gained back for your body condition. The practices of small portions of food and balanced diet will anyways keep you fit and you can continue it.

Scenario – 3 – An underweight experiencing weight loss after Cholecystectomy

As said earlier, the weight loss is only minimal and there is no need to panic that an already underweight body is experiencing more weight loss. But to come to an optimal level of weight you can start doing moderate weight training. Along with food high in protein, good fat and complex carb, you should be able to gain a healthy weight in no time. But do it after consulting your surgeon.

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