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gym a good way to tackle obesity

Is Gym a Good way to tackle Obesity

Let us put it straight. Hitting a gym is always good whether you are obese or not. But is starting to work out in a gym after you are obese is a better option? Let us examine.

Your BMI is the Key

If you are overweight with a BMI range between 25 and 30, or if you are moderately obese with a BMI range between 30 and 35, and is not having any co-morbid conditions, the gym should be an extremely attractive option to lose weight.

For all others with a BMI beyond 35, hitting the gym though may be good; they would definitely have practical problems.

General Points to Consider When Hitting a Gym

  • Understand basically that if you have decided to hit the gym to tackle your obesity, you are on a long journey. Chances that you might fail and not succeed are unfortunately high because most people do not sustain. Do not expect results to trickle in faster.
  • Since your body has been on a “safe fat mode” for so long, it may show resistance to lose fat. So sustained long haul is the solution and you need to be prepared for it.
  • The initial weight loss may be encouraging but as the body begins to resist and plateau, dejection sets in. This psychological challenge can be tackled only if you determined and have braced yourself for this long journey.
  • Just going to the gym and working out does not suffice. A proper diet plan is a must and eating healthy is a need. So effectively working out in a gym and a diet plan goes hand in hand to provide better results.
  • People with co-morbid conditions have to definitely consult their physicians and take a list of exercise regimens that they can perform for their body. Your physician may also give a list of what exercises you should not do. So in effect, the challenge is more.
  • If you have heart conditions, you need to be strictly under the supervision of your doctors. You may be advised not to perform any hard exercises.

Generally the severely obese and beyond are unable to hit the gym for practical reasons and bariatric surgery provides a great relief for them. But hitting the gym after your bariatric surgery is a great option to keep your weight under control and lead a happy life.

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