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Does Piles cause weight loss?

Piles or hemorrhoids generally appear in a constipated individual. The general assumption is a person who is overweight or obese is more prone to constipation. This is because there is less physical activity leading to less bowel movement. The restricted movement of the bowel can also cause constipation and can ultimately lead to piles. Does the presence of piles or hemorrhoids cause weight loss?  

Non-treatment of Piles

Generally non-treatment of piles can cause weight loss indirectly in some cases. Even after seeing blood in stools when the patient does not seek medical help piles can aggravate. An aggravated piles increases constipation and affects the patient mentally.

Psychology of a Constipated Individual with Piles

A constipated individual begins to avoid food because of the fear of piles or hemorrhoids aggravating. This is a general tendency present in such piles patients. A bleeding hemorrhoid can increase this tendency. When they reduce the food intake they can suffer weight loss. Generally weight loss due to hemorrhoids is not a favorable medical condition even if the person is obese.

Obese patients with piles

When obese patients have piles or hemorrhoids, it is definitely due to high carb and low fiber food in their diet. While this encourages the body to put on more weight, the lack of physical activity and the lack of fiber encourage piles. This is a vicious cycle. The piles increases in grade and becomes worse unless the vicious cycle is not broken. Weight loss happens if the increase in bleeding related to piles causes a psychological effect in reducing the food intake. This condition is rare because obese people with piles do not control food.

Weight loss due to other reasons

Sometimes when rectal bleeding is accompanied by weight loss there is every reason to check for colon cancer. It is always prudent to undergo a colonoscopy to understand what is causing bleeding. It helps rule out colon cancer.. If it is just piles, you can seek medical treatment for the piles immediately.

In general, piles usually causes anemia and tiredness. Weight loss caused by piles is an extremely rare event. If you do experience weight loss and have piles, it is better to get a colonoscopy done to rule out other medical complications.

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