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A man gives nasty reaction on hearing the types and various forms of shit explained by Dr Maran M, leading gastro surgeon.

Types of Shit

Shit happens to all and that is the natural process. As a matter of fact, shit should happen daily to all. If shit is not happening to you daily, then watch closely what your body is saying. We know these statement well enough as they are connected to whether you are constipated or not. But did you know you could also guess the health of your body by looking at your stool? Yes that is right. The form and color of your stool can indicate your health. Let us dive into this shit.

The Seven Different Forms of Shit

Shit comes out in various forms and each form tell us a story.

  • (1) Form-1 – The stools are lumps and are separated into ball-like forms as you pass. You might experience difficulty while you pass them. To put it plain, they are like medium sized pellets that are hard to pass.

Indication – You may be suffering from severe constipation and your body needs plenty of fibre rich food.

  • (2) Form-2 – The stools are lumpy and are not separated. They are clogged together and are slightly hard on you as they pass.

Indication – You may be having mild constipation and your body needs more fibre and the quantity of intake needs to be increased.

  • (3) Form-3 – The stools are like a sausage. They are fairly long but have cracks on the surface. They roll out easily and you would not strain as you pass them.

Indication – Your stools are healthy and you are normal

  • (4) Form-4 – The stools are like a snake. They are also fairly long and they are pretty smooth on the surface. They roll out with perfect ease and they leave your body so easily with no strains at all. Call it the perfect shit!

Indication – Your stools are super normal and you are super healthy

  • (5) Form-5 – The stools are softer here. The only difference is they are long. They are irregular soft blobs with clear edges that passes out easily.

Indication – Your health is okay kinds but may be you want take a relook at your diet. Probably something is not balanced out there.

  • (6) Form-6 – The stools are mushy with softer lumps mixed with watery stuff. The pieces of lumps that pass out may have irregular surface.

Indication – You might be having slight diarrhoea and you have to watch out. Go soft on what you eat till your diarrhoea comes to control. Meet a doctor.

  • (7) Form-7 – The stools are completely watery and you just cannot control your bowel movements. The worst is you pass often and get dehydrated.

Indication – You are suffering from acute diarrhoea. If this is the type of shit you are passing too often, then it is time to visit your doctor. This condition needs to be taken seriously

The Six Different Colours of Shit

Shit comes out in various colours and each colour gives us a different story.

  • (1) The Yellowish Brown Shit – This is the natural colour of a normal shit. It may range from a lighter to a darker shade of yellowish brown. The coloration is due to the bile produced by the liver. This colour indicates your good health.
  • (2) The Green Shit – If the food you have consumed is moving too quickly then this coloration might happen. It may also be because you consumed loads of green leafy vegetables and greens the previous day. If that is the case, then the green coloration is normal. But you need to watch out of that is not the case.
  • (3) The Real Yellowish Shit – This may be because of the excess fat in your stool. If they are greasy and foul-smelling they may be because of poor absorption or mal-absorption. If this is a regular affair you may want to consult a doctor.
  • (4) The Black Shit – The black tarry nature of the stool is only due to internal bleeding. This may be due to ulcer or worst, some form of colon or internal cancer that has resulted in bleeding. If you are on a iron supplements or vitamin dose, they could also cause black stools. You need to watch out and consult your doctor immediately.
  • (5) The Blood-stained or Reddish Shit – The blood stains in the stool could be because of anal fissure or piles / haemorrhoids. Sometimes it can be because of cancer or other internal bleedings too. If you spot blood or if your shit is red in colour, you have to check with a doctor right away.
  • (6) The Whitey, Clayey Shit – The natural colour of the shit is because of the bile, a digestive juice secreted by the liver. If your shit is pale, or clayey or grey in colour, there is a possibility that there is an obstruction in the flow of bile. Do not take it lightly. Check with your doctor immediately.
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