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Tips to avoid Piles flare up this Summer

Piles or hemorrhoids are the swellings of the blood vessels around the anal area. Piles develop due to increased pressure that is applied to the blood vessels due to reasons like constipation, straining too much during bowel moments, sitting too long or other reasons. Piles can aggravate or ‘flare up’ due to several reasons and this flaring up is found to be higher during summer months. Here are some tips to avoid pile flare-ups this summer.

Why Piles Flareup more in summer?

During the summer, there is more dehydration due to sweating. Hence we lose lots of water and electrolytes. So body absorbs more water from motion and hence the motion is dry. This dry motion irritates the anal region and hence the flare-up. The second reason is, the reduction of electrolytes affects the intestinal movement. The intestinal movement becomes sluggish and hence they cause an increased instance of constipation which can cause increased piles flare-up.

Stay Hydrated

One of the key techniques to beat the heat and avoid piles flare-up is to stay hydrated. Drinking plenty of water prevents dehydration and lesser chances of constipation too which is one of the major culprits of piles flare-ups.

Being seated for too long

If you have a desk job and or if you spend most of your free time on the internet and watch TV while remaining seated for a long time this status might aggravate the condition of the piles. This is because being seated for long periods of time puts more strain and pressure on the blood vessels around the anal area. So avoid sitting for long periods of time and encourage yourself to be physically active every day. You may want to take short breaks every 20 minutes and go for a 1-minute walk.

Avoid drinking too much Coffee

Coffee just like alcohol can cause dehydration and can irritate your stomach lining. The caffeine which is present in coffee causes constipation. So you may want to restrict your intake of coffee to stay hydrated and avoid piles flare-up.

Never postpone nature’s call

Avoiding the urge to hit the commode and waiting for a more convenient time should be avoided at all costs. Controlling the urge to defecate will only cause the piles to aggravate because it puts more pressure onto the veins. It is best to listen to your body and attend nature’s call as and when the bowel movements are happening.

Add more Vegetables and Fruits to your diet

Adding more vegetables and fruits to your diet aids in reducing constipation and eases the symptoms of piles. While vegetables and fruits have more fiber in them, fruits especially are good for keeping the body hydrated. It should be noted that fiber-rich food should be consumed in moderation because too much fiber can cause gas.

Avoid using wet wipes

Using wet wipes to cleanse and keep the anal region clean is probably not a good idea. Most wet wipes contain alcohol and other chemicals that cause irritation and they themselves might cause flare-ups.

Take Sitz bath if necessary

Sitz baths provide great relief in lowering the irritation and burning sensation of piles flare-ups. Sitz baths involve soaking the inflamed area in warm water for 10- 15 minutes. This should be repeated 3-4 times a day to get relief.

Taking Bath

Sweat is a factor that can cause great inconvenience. The sweat from your back might easily go down the anal area and can make the anal region moist. Irritation and itching in the anal area with piles is quite common when there is too much sweating. You should bath every day and keep the anal area clean and dry. If you are traveling for work, you may want to bath twice a day after returning from work to maintain the anal area clean.

Your Dress Matters

Always avoid wearing tighter jeans or other tight dresses if you have piles. Loose cotton fabric is always better for piles. So keep a watch on what kind of clothes you are wearing this summer to minimize piles flare-up.

Certain Occupations Too Matters

Certain occupations like welding, working near furnaces, drivers, require you to work near a heat source. These can be dehydrating your body and hence people in such occupations should take more water or any fluids that can keep them adequately dehydrated.

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