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Weight Loss Surgery Options?

Weight Loss Surgery Options?

If your BMI is above 35 and have health problems, or your BMI is above 40 with no health problems, bariatric surgery is the only option available for you to reverse your conditions. Your Bariatric Surgeon determines which Bariatric surgery procedure is required for you. Still you might be thinking about the options available before you. They are

  • Gastric Banding – Also called Lap Band. In this surgery, a lap band is placed on the upper part of the stomach. This surgery is done using advanced Laparoscopic or keyhole technique. Basically the stomach is made smaller by adjusting the lap band and hence the food intake is reduced by this means. By 2 years, the average weight loss is close to 45%.
  • Gastric Sleeve also called Sleeve Gastrectomy – 3/4th of the stomach is cut vertically along its natural curvature. The surgery is done using keyhole technique and the surgery once done, cannot be reversed. By 2 years, the average weight loss is close to 55-60%.
  • Gastric ByPass – Also called Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass, this is the gold standard of all bariatric surgeries. The surgery is done by bypassing 95% of the stomach and the duodenum using keyhole technique. By 2 years, the average weight loss is close to 65-80%.
  • Metabolic Surgery – This surgery type is highly recommended if a person is severely diabetic and is of normal BMI. In this surgery, the distal part of the small intestine is brought to the proximal part. This surgery is also performed by keyhole techniques.

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