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tonsilitis and appendicitis comparison by Dr Maran M

A Comparison of Tonsillitis and Appendicitis

The very mention of comparing Tonsillitis and Appendicitis might make you wonder what can be the connection between the two. This is because Tonsillitis happens in the inner throat region and Appendicitis happens in the inner lower abdomen. Then what makes both comparable? Here is an interesting comparison between the two.

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Dr Maran says Inguinal hernia surgery does not affect male fertility. He regularly performs hernia surgery in Chennai.

Does Inguinal Hernia Surgery affect male fertility

Inguinal Hernia (Groin Hernia) is more common in male than in a female. Since a hernia here occurs closer to the testicles, a perception that a hernia might affect male fertility is present. There are two things to look at. Does the inguinal hernia surgery cause problem in sexual dysfunction? In other words, does the inguinal hernia surgery cause problems in sex? Even if there was no problem in sexual dysfunction does an inguinal hernia cause male infertility? In other words, will an inguinal hernia itself affect the male’s ability to fertilize and produce a baby? Let us see.

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