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Effective ways to beat your cravings

Overweight and moderately obese people who do not have any co-morbid conditions are full of hope to come over the ill-effects of obesity by changing their lifestyle and food habits. People who underwent bariatric surgery sometimes find it difficult to control their cravings. This craving can spoil the entire benefits accrued due to bariatric surgery. Here are few tips on how to effectively beat your cravings.

What makes you crave for more food?

Blame it on the hormones. Sugary food are the main culprits that induce more craving. This is because the moment we give sugary food to our digestive system, the body secretes endorphin, a hormone that elevates our mood and gives a feeling of temporary satisfaction. Call it an addiction! But sugar gets easily digested, leaves the stomach too fast thereby making the stomach empty. Now the hunger hormone asks for more sugar and we fall into this vicious cycle.

Effective Ways to Beat Cravings

  • Do not fast in the name of diet. If the body demands more food, simply give. But this time be cautious not to give anything sugary. Nourish your body with fiber-rich veggies, fruits and nuts.
  • Take food that are high in good fat like lean meat, fish, eggs, cheese in moderation. These food give a feeling of filling which is very good to beat cravings.
  • Have small portion of meals. Do not dump too much into your stomach. Spread out your meals at least six times a day.
  • Strictly do not stack anything that is high in sugar in your refrigerator. Items like chocolates, desserts, ice-creams, pizza, burgers, colas and all those food that are high in sugar or made of refined flour or those that are processed should not have any place in your refrigerator. Control on your refrigerator can ease you from mid-night snacking.
  • Fill your refrigerator with healthy fruits, and veggies. So even when you are hungry midnight, you get to eat something healthy only.
  • Sleep early and sleep well. Going early to bed can make you get up early. Early rising has many good benefits associated with it.
  • You can workout or do yoga early in the morning. As you socialize when you workout, you can be charged like never before and that can have a positive bearing on you.
  • Keep constant watch on your weight. Make it a point to note it down. You will be surprised to see positive results if you continue this routine. After couple of weeks, the above quoted activities become ingrained in you and may become a routine.
  • Set yourself goals on ideal weight and work towards that. When you set a goal after you make healthy lifestyle and healthy eating a habit, you are motivated to the next level. You finally realize that this motivation has kept you off from cravings permanently.
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