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Blood in stool. Should you panic?

When we see blood in the stool, the first reaction we typically show is becoming agitated. Panic grips and all bad thoughts start flashing in our mind. Our mind starts processing the very sight of blood in the stool into some serious diseases. Should we really panic when we see blood in our stool?

Our immediate reactions after seeing blood in the stool

(1)    Invariably we all panic and think that we have acquired some kind of a disease. Most of us think that it is some form of cancer.

(2)    We immediately fear that death is looming and start thinking about our family. A kind of grief and self-pity sets in. We turn pale and we fall into a grip of sadness.

(3)    Only after these thoughts do we really think of approaching a doctor. But usually, there is a dilemma whether to meet the doctor or keep it hush without informing anyone. Some of us may think that blood in stool is indeed shameful and letting out the information might bring a sense of shame.

So what to observe after seeing blood in the stool?

(1)    First and foremost, never panic.

(2)    Look for the color of the blood, the pattern of bleeding, how the blood is found on the stool and the pain level.

(3)    If the blood is bright red in color, it is most likely that the blood is coming superficiously from any wound near the anus region. The site of bleeding is from the lower colon level. This condition is observed when the stool is hard to pass and causes immense pain. In most cases, the bleeding is due to anal fissure or Heamorrhoids. The bleeding occurs after passing the stool. Hence streaks of bright red colored blood can be found on the stools.

(4)     If the stool is thoroughly mixed with the blood, it may be red in color as a whole. This means the blood is coming from the inner colon and not near the anus region. This type of bleeding can be signs of diverticula or colon cancer.

(5)    If the stool is dark in color, it means the bleeding is from further inside. Because the blood passes through the length of the digestive track, it has turned darker like the color of plums. This is called melaena. This type of bleeding can be signs of peptic ulcer in the stomach or duodenum.

What is the next step after seeing blood in the stool?

If you are bleeding while you pass stool, you should immediately consult a doctor. Never assume that the bleeding can be due to the reasons you have checked in any online articles. It is always better to consult a doctor just to rule out the presence of any other serious conditions. Dr Maran a top proctologist in Chennai says that examining the colo-rectal path thoroughly should be done to rule out any other possibilities. Dr Maran the lead colo-rectal surgeon in Chennai always insists that the history of bleeding, physical examination of the anal and rectal region (however small or trivial the bleeding is), digital examination, proctoscopy or colonoscopy all have to be studied to rule out the possibilities of any other serious medical issues. If any serious issues are found, atleast it gives the opportunity to address it without any further delay.

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