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How Does Your Posture Affect Your Piles?

We live in an era where desk jobs have become the norm. Sitting for long hours have become the order of the day and the days of running around for getting our work done are long gone. The result is less physical work and this change in human habit has brought with it sets of new problems. One among the problems is the high instance of piles reported among adults. So does sitting for long hours and posture affect already existing hemorrhoids or piles? Let us find out.

Sitting for Long Hours in a Chair (Desk Job)

When you sit for long hours in a chair and do not move or get up hours together with the pressure to the anal region is increased multifold. This increased pressure plays a pivotal role in the blood to accumulate in pockets around the anal region. A seated position on a chair is absolutely similar to the seated position on a western toilet. That is why it is recommended that you get up from your chair every 15-20 minutes and take 4-5 steps before you resume your seated job once again. Another thing that also happens when you sit for long in a bad position is the tail bone starts irritating the anal region. Also, the prolonged sitting produces heat and sweat in the anal region which aggravates the existing piles.

Sitting for Long Hours in Toilet (Western Toilet)

As said earlier, this posture is absolutely similar to sitting on a chair. The fact that you would exert more pressure to your anus if you are defecating will only add to the existing pressure. Explore the option of Indian toilet or western toilets that can be fitted with fixtures that can help you to have a squatting posture instead of sitting posture. This way you not only reduce the pressure to the anus but also achieve better posture where you can defecate thoroughly and neatly. It is a proven fact that squatting posture is the best posture because it brings your rectum on a direct angle to the anus and can result in easy defecating.

Sitting for Long Hours during Travel

This is quite similar to sitting for long hours in the chair. Get up from your seat and take a few steps to break the monotony. A standing position is always better and breaks the pressure that has developed in the anus. You can take piles cushion along with you and sit on it while traveling.

Less Walking – Fewer Exercises

Most of us become physically less active and this is the main cause for increased instance of constipation and the resulting piles. Walking less can aggravate the piles present. Walking releases the pressure to the anus and hence it is advisable to drop the trend of less walking and fewer exercises and instead start being physically active.

Sitting in a bent posture

When you do not sit in an erect position, the pressure to the anal region is more. While you sit in an erect position you can feel that the pressure has moved slightly outside the anus. It is also true that it is impossible to sit in an erect position for hours together. That is why you should break the pressure by standing up and walking a few steps.

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